Transcription factor NRF2:

New opportunities for pharmaceutical innovations in chronic diseases

Madrid, April 11-13, 2018

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Antonio Cuadrado
Ana I. Rojo
Albena Dinkova-Kostova


Nrf2-net: a network of excellence of MINECO
Autonomous University of Madrid
Instituto-Fundación Teófilo Hernando
Instituto de Investigaciones Biomédicas "Alberto Sols"

Transcription factor NRF2 exerts cytoprotective roles against several pathologic mechanisms characterized by low-grade chronic inflammation, metabolic alterations and disturbances in redox signaling. Observations from animal models of disease together with systems medicine approaches suggest common alterations of NRF2 activity in several chronic pathologies including autoimmune, cardiovascular, metabolic and neurodegenerative diseases, along with cancer.

Currently, NRF2-modulating drugs, either new or repurposed, are found in different phases of preclinical development. However, many biopharmaceutical pipelines are limited by the availability of collaborating laboratories with specific knowhow on preclinical cellular or animal models of specific chronic diseases and a good background on the physiopathological regulation of NRF2.

This showcase meeting will identify and promote strong and closely coordinated partnerships and collaborations between biopharmaceutical companies and expert academic laboratories with the aim of advancing the clinical development of NRF2 modulators in chronic diseases.